Exit Strategy

Industry sources inform us that on average, approximately 8,000 privately held businesses were merged or bought each year from 2007 through 2012. With baby boomers reaching retirement age over the next ten to fifteen years, the number of owners seeking an exit is expected to increase to a rate of over 400,000 per year. The obvious implication is that more business sellers will be chasing fewer buyers.

If you are a business owner who is anticipating an exit any time in the next three to five years, now is the time to start preparing your business for sale. Lack of sales growth, new product development, weak accounting systems, under-performing employees, under-capitalized operations and unrealistic value expectations can result in a business that stays on the market for a long time and fails to generate attractive purchase offers for owners.

Eagle Consulting can help owners overcome these challenges. We perform an “internal due diligence” for businesses to identify key issues that could either enhance or impair value. We formulate a strategy and actions that should be undertaken to ensure the business is ready for a transaction before we approach third parties on our clients’ behalf.

Our team has extensive senior level accounting, financial, operational, business development and strategy experience. In addition to M&A support services, we provide Strategic CFO and strategic business development capabilities to organizations that need an independent assessment or additional experienced resources.

For more information, please contact Steve Ellis at 443-800-1559 or by e-mail: sellis@eagleconsulting.org.